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impact of installing air conditioning

The Impact of Installing Air Conditioning

Impact of Installing Air Conditioning

When commissioning a full air conditioning system, it pays to buy the most efficient equipment possible, as day-to-day running costs can quickly outweigh any potential additional installation costs. Taking into consideration the impact of installing air conditioning at the design stage, and by installing a more efficient system, will ultimately be cheaper for your business to run in the long term.

Energy consumed by commercial air conditioning systems in buildings has been on the rise. In a typical office, air conditioning can account for quite a high percentage of the overall annual electricity consumption, therefore it’s paramount you install the right system for both the building and usage required.

Over a number of years now there has been a shift in energy consumption patterns across the UK. Previously consumption had been significantly greater in winter months due to heating demands, but now the summer demand has grown, partly due to the increased use of air conditioning.

Carbon Footprint

As air conditioning systems use electricity their impact on the carbon footprint of a building can potentially be significant.

This, together with changes in the overall climate also affecting energy use.

Average annual temperatures in the UK are predicted to increase by a few degrees over this century, with naturally ventilated buildings more likely to overheat in extreme conditions and air conditioning systems potentially failing as a result.

Therefore, as temperatures rise, it’s more likely that the UK will see an increase in air conditioning systems being fitted to counter act these hotter summer temperatures and increased humidity. Leading to further increases in energy usage.

It is imperative therefore, that in designing future buildings within UK construction and with any major building refurbishments, that we account for this changing climate. Ensuring that commercial buildings and properties continue to remain in a comfortable & healthy internal environment, whilst minimising energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

So what now?

At Spalding Air Conditioning Services Ltd, we work with your company to help design an air conditioning system to meet your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding your air conditioning needs, and together with our technical expertise, will identify potential problems that may arise at the design stage to enable us to then offer you a practical and cost-effective solution to circumnavigate this. With the help of our Manufacturing Partners and the latest design software we are able to offer our clients a fully tailored design for your business.

Our ‘A’ rated energy efficient state of the art air conditioning units will provide comfort when needed, whether you want warmth in the winter or crisp cooling in the summer.

Spalding Air Conditioning Services Ltd can offer clients a FREE site visit & full, no obligation Quotation

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