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health benefits of air conditioning

Health Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning

Health Benefits Associated with Air Conditioning

There are a number of health benefits that air conditioning can help with from filtration to allergy control, cleaning and dehumidifying properties, all of which can all have a positive effect on your health. Most people are simply just unaware of the health benefits of installing air conditioning.  Whilst air conditioning is most commonly associated with keeping you cool during summer months, did you know that units can heat, as well at cool? 

Heat exhaustion itself can seriously impact the health of certain individuals and groups. This is particularly true for those with disabilities and homebound, people who work from home, or those owning dogs and cats as pets, for example.  People who suffer from asthma can benefit from living in an air-conditioned environment, as filters in the units help remove dust, pollutants and mites.


Do you Suffer from Allergies?

Air conditioning can help those who regularly suffer from allergies. The filtration system will filter out pollen, pet hair and other contaminants that might otherwise get into your home. Keeping windows closed is one way of stopping pollen entering the house, but this is not ideal on very hot days when room will become unbearably hot.

With an internal solution and fitting air conditioning, you can keep your home cool and comfortable, as well as clean the air at the same time.

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Pollution and odours

City living means you are likely to be exposed to a number of fumes or pollutants on a daily basis.  Heavy traffic, public transport and commercial shops and premises, can all lead to causing pollutants.  These mentioned pollutants can have a harmful effect on your health, but in having an air conditioner installed, you can at least close your windows when at home.  This will allow the filtration system to ensure the air you are breathing throughout the night is pure and free from radicals.

Whilst this is difficult to prevent on a day-to-day level when you are out and about around town, at least by having air conditioning fitting within your home you can prevent yourself being exposed to bad odours, pollution, dust and heat when back at home and during the night.


Keeping a Consistent Temperature

Living in uncomfortable temperatures can also have an impact on your health.  Air conditioners allows you to ensure a consistently comfortable temperature in your home, workplace or even in a single space (ie home office, conservatory, gym, etc). Experiencing severe heat or severe cold can use up energy quickly, which in turn can impact your immune system, leading to unnecessary fatigue or heat exhaustion. By maintaining consistent body temperature you’ll give your body a better chance at fighting off infections and place less strain on your immune system.


Humidity in the Home

We’ve all seen the black mould spores and effects that occur on window frames or the corners of a room when the property is poorly ventilated.  Showering, kettles, air drying clothes and over population, of a property can all lead to excess moisture and if the house is not property ventilated this is going to cause humidity.

Properties with high humidity levels will bring with it, harmful bacteria and other microorganisms harmful to health. You are probably aware that high humidity in the home can cause many of these issues, which can not only damage your health but your property as well, but likewise there are also negative health issues associated with low humidity levels that can include the production of dry air which in turn causes skin problems and affect breathing and sinuses.


How Can Air Conditioning Improve Sleep?

Another key benefit of air conditioning, is how it can improve your sleep. Many people struggle to sleep due to temperature fluctuations at night. You may go to bed at a perfectly comfortable temperature but wake up in the middle of the night sweating (or too cold).  By having an air conditioning system installed in your bedroom will allow you to keep the room at a consistent temperature, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Air conditioning is also ideal if you have a ground floor flat or bungalow, where you may not wish to leave windows open at night for security measures and noise pollution.


An air conditioning system is one of the most reliable ways to maintain a perfect humidity level in the home.


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